FITS Validator

Below is the prototype Astrolabe Project’s FITS Validator Tool.

This tool:

  • verifies if an uploaded FITS image header adheres to FITS standards
  • allows the user to edit header cards and values and then download a copy of the original image containing the modified header.
  • does not check for inaccurate or missing values. It only helps with raw formatting.

How to use the FITS Validator:

  1. Click Choose File to select a FITS image from your computer to upload.
  2. Clicking Verify FITS Header will run Astropy’s FITS verification on the uploaded image. The result will appear reporting any errors that Astropy finds with the image, as well as those that are automatically fixable.
  3. Use Add or Edit Header Card/Value to create new header cards or update existing header card values (you can add as many as you need). New headers will be added to the end of the image headers, while old ones will remain in their old position.
  4. Click Modify Header to download a new version of the image with all header modifications. Please ensure that your browser will allow downloads from this site.

This is a prototype service, please let us know if you have any problems.

Known issues:

  • Verify button works inconsistently in Safari.
  • Firefox may block the download of a new file.

Alternately, upload a zip file or folder of fits images and we will verify them en masse.
Zip file:


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