Little Things


2012, “LITTLE THINGS,” D. A. Hunter, D. Ficut-Vicas, T. Ashley, et al., AJ, 144, 134,….144..134H

This is one of 41 nearby (less than 10.3 Mpc) dwarf irregular galaxies that are part of the LITTLE THINGS multi-wavelength survey. The aim of the survey is to understand star formation and evolutionary processes of these tiny galaxies. The stellar data give three windows on the star formation activity: Halpha images reveal star formation over approximately the past 10 Myrs through the effect of massive stars on leftover natal molecular clouds; GALEX FUV and NUV images are sensitive to star formation over the past 100 Myrs through ultraviolet photons coming directly from hot stars; and UBV images are a view on star formation over the past 1 Gyr for on-going star formation. Not included here are JHK and Spitzer mid-IR images that are important for integrating star formation over the lifetime of the galaxy.


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