Contribute Data

Astrolabe Will Curate Your Data!

Contributing data to the Astrolabe data store can be as simple as creating a CyVerse user account, and dragging and dropping data. Larger data sets will require a little extra work. In either case, Astrolabe and WWT staff can help you get your data loaded into CyVerse and installed into the WorldWide Telescope.

Follow these steps to upload and manage your data:

  1. Create a CyVerse Account: Upon request, most researchers and academics will receive 100 Gigabytes of space in CyVerse. If necessary, the Astrolabe project can allocate additional space.
    1. Follow the instructions at:
    2. If you do not have computing experience, you likely will want to begin with the Discovery Environment (the DE). You can however use the CyVerse Data Commons to bulk upload data, or use Bisque for image analysis. See the CyVerse website for an overview of the system.
  2. Create a subdirectory for your data: Login to the Discovery Environment at Select the blue “Data” icon on the top-left. You will see a data directory interface much like Windows, Mac or Unix. Select the “files” tab and select: “New Folder”. Give the folder a name.
  3. Upload your data: You may drag and drop your data from your desktop, bulk upload data, or set up iRods to automatically upload data when it is created on your local computer. To begin, you will likely want to try drag and drop. Instructions for this are here. Information about the CyVerse Data Commons can be found at:
  4. Managing Data (optional): Information on managing access to your data can be found at: You can make your data as open or closed as you like. If you wish, all data will be accessible through URLs, as well as the Discovery Environment and the CyVerse Datastore.
  5. Give Astrolabe Access: Give the Astrolabe Project access to your data or make it public to all. From DE click the “share” button on the data director and share with the Astrolabe PI “heidorn”. Send an email to heidorn(at)
  6. Make your data discoverable: CyVerse provides a search function for data and directories. You can use any of the following metadata standards DataCiteDublin CoreMIxS, or MIAPPE. We recommend Dublin Core ( to start, and we will be adding Observation Data Model Core (ObsCore) data indexing with a graphical user interface in October, 2017. Ask for help with this step. Instructions for bulk indexing using CSV files is found here:
  7. If desired, edit your images using JS9: You can pass your data to JS9 using CyVerse URLs. Share the resulting files with Astrolabe. Ask for help with this step.
  8. Transfer to WWT: Make your files available in WWT by copying them to the Azure cloud. Ask for help with this step.

If you have larger datasets, require assistance with uploading, indexing or visualizing, or if you have any other questions about Astrolabe, please contact us!